• Dizi: Psikoloji
  • İlk Basım Tarihi: 01.06.2024
  • Sayfa Sayısı: 304
  • ISBN: 978-605-08-4855-7
  • Etiket Fiyatı: 400,00

It is a book which was prepared by Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and Assoc. Prof. Serdar Nurmedov in the light of the latest scientific developments on addiction that is one of the most important problems of our age.


Describing addiction as "a brain disease that can be treated", Tarhan examines the issue in detail with its causes, protective factors and ever-developing treatment methods.


With Nurmedov's contribution, not only alcohol and substance addiction, but also the development and treatment stages of all kinds of addictions, whether or not it is real or virtual, are discussed in detail. The questionnaires and scales added at the end of the book enable readers to gain insight into the distance between "addiction" and themselves.


In addition to computer games and virtual sharing platforms, which have become a part of almost all of our lives today, shopping, hoarding mania and gambling addiction are among the issues on which the book warns.

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